"don't cry over spilled milk" is merely a saying meaning "if it's over and done with, you can't affect it any more, so why worry? there's nothing that can be done." no amount of tears will bring the milk back into the glass. likewise, if you can't change something, why bother what-iffing? (if only this was as easily said as done.)

the origins of this saying are unclear. however, it most likely sprang from fairy lore. it was thought, to attract fairies to a house, OR appease the resident sprites, laying out a "shrine" with food for the beings. fairy favorite foods include wine, bread, fruit and honey, but their absolute favorite is cold creamy milk. so whenever milk was spilled, it was considered an offering to the fairies and its loss was discounted. normally the wasting of food was strongly frowned upon because of the difficult in feeding a family. but the wastage of milk was always overlooked as an offering. if the person spilling the milk was reprimanded, the scolder was seen as unwilling to give this gift, and let it be given only grudgingly. this was thought to anger the fairies and bring bad luck upon the house.