this is one of those times where the phrase "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes, it'll change." is actually true. a blue norther is an odd weather phenomenon found in parts of texas and other states where large wide open plains exist.

blue northers are basically 'insta-fronts'. a blue norther will sneak up out of NOWHERE and drop the temperatur twenty, thirty degrees, sometimes even more, in a matter of literally minutes. it's quite possible to walk in a store to buy a candy bar, walk out, and it's already dropped and you're freezing. i've watched one *outrun* a car i was riding in, going down a freeway at easily 55, 60 mph. not really much wind just a huge rolling stormfront blowing through everywhere.

the name comes from very obvious places. blue, the cloud front actually IS blue. it's moisture-heavy, and very cold, and turns a deep fairly eerie blue. norther, because the weather patterns needed to form these fronts almost always end up coming at the area from anortherly direction.

they're fascinating things to watch pass through.
as long as you're inside out of the cold.