When could there possibly be a better time? it's times like this when true love is *vital* and shows its strength. It's a underdeveloped love that is going to throw in the towel over less-than-stellar bacon. Love can seem easy in the quiet romantic times. The "of course I love you and will stay forever" is easier then, in quiet moments of candlelight and wine. It's remembering what the "forever" is that is harder.

It's easy to speak love in the dark... what about in broad daylight in the glare of the sun and the world?

When the world is falling to pieces around your ears, bacon, mess, children, busses and all, and you can still look up and speak of love, and know of love and know its truth... therein, that one fragment of truth amidst the chaos... it is places like that that true love is found most deeply. i can't think of a better time or place to talk of love.