Welcome to our "views of the divine" roundtable discussion...
(or, a very silly excuse to play duck duck goose.)

sunday night, 7 PM and i'm off to my "weekly witchy meeting" as it's so affectionately joked about. we'vee actaully organized a topic this week, intead of just discussing issues people bring up. we invited members from other religious groups on campus, and actually had a few new people come by to hear.

couple people gave their views, then we took a ten minute break and were going to continue with open discussion. but we waited a while while the mediator prepared her questions, a couple people wandered out for munchies and sodas. we were now ready to start but waiting on the stragglers.

one of my friends--mostly joking but not wanting to be--asked if we could play "duck duck goose" after the discussion, since all the chairs were for once in a circle (we usually sit at rows of long tables).(we'd also had way way too much sugar.) one of our (nonstudent: read "real adult" person) members, said "what is duck duck goose?". there's dead silence. "how in teh world could you not know! everyone played it as a kid!." "Well i didnt. whta is it?" the unamimous decision was to begin a game, right then and there. we played for a good ten minutes, until the straglers got back and we were out of breath. (note to guys in attendance. you all suck, you're no fun, you wouldn't play with us!)

then the meeting resumed as normal.