A charming children's book written by Marguerite Henry and illustrated by Wesley Dennis. First published in 1956. The book is out of print right now, and so fairly difficult to find through standard sources. But it's a wonderful tale for kids if you can get your hands on it. "Cinnabar the one o'clock fox" is the full title, but it's also sometimes listed as "Cinnabar the fox".

Cinnabar, often translated as "red ore of quicksilver", is a fully appropriate name for this little fellow, a clever fox who appears regularly at one in the afternoon to lead hunters on a merry chase--and he was more promptly on time than most humans ever hope to be!. He lived, as legend would have it, in George Washingtons time, and loved best of all to challengethe general to catch him. After all, if one is to be caught, why not by a worthy opponent? But Cinnibar, of course, has no intention at all of being caught... the little fellow definately earns his name, with all the antics he pulls.