one of the more delightful things to have passed through a college dorm-room microwave in my recent memory. easy enough to make in a dorm at 4 AM. (personal experience? naaaah!)

- 1 tortilla. (any brand is fine)
-cheese. i prefer colby jack, the flavor is mellow enough to not overpower the avocado. if you have the precubed kind, five or six cubes. if shredded, one or two large pinches.
-avocado. anywhere from about a third to half, depending on size.
-salt to taste.

cut avocado into small chunks beforehand. spread cheese down center of tortilla. microwave for about 15 seconds, until cheese is just *almost* melted. watch it very carefully. if you microwave too long, the tortilla will get hard and nasty. place avocado on top of melted cheese, and salt. roll up and eat *hot*. if you let it cool off it's not nearly as good. it's the temperature and taste and texture contrasts that make this so wonderful.