The best ailment possible. I graduated high school in May. I did my last piece of work in December. I took tests and such, but noone put any effort after December. They say senior year is easy, and if you take normal courses it probably is. However, in AP and honors classes it isn't. Until December is over, there is work.

After that, it is every senior's job to ignore the teachers. If you've got the clout by then, just walk out of class. Order pizza. Take a nap. At my school, we (the Academic Decathlon team, aka the nerds) took over the teacher's lounge. IF you've done HS right, then they don't dare touch you.

Also, for those about to become seniors, there is a short window of opertunity. AP courses can be taken over the web now. If you are a big smarty pants at your school, get some friends and ask to take these. The first 2 years of any such program is the best. Generally the "advisor" the school assigns will give you an A, and no work is really required unless you are going to take the test. Several friends at my school took 3 out of 7 AP courses over the computer...some not starting until Nov. I took 1 fake class (post-AP CS) and just talked during it the whole year. Classes such as AP Statistics, and AP Economics seem to be the most effective.