My brother's girlfriend, Annie, arrived last Monday, one week ago.

She, like my brother, is four years older than my fifteen. She is from San Diego, but has been all over the world, mostly visiting relatives.

Something about her doesn't seem quite right; I suspect it's her habit of wearing low-cut tank tops, coupled with her...natural endowment, shall we say, has the annoying habit of breaking my concentration, no matter what I'm doing.

Apart from that, she's really not that bad. She's somewhat intelligent, from what I can tell (of course, she IS going out with my brother, so a few screws are probably loose...just kidding.) She also uses a PowerBook for her Interior Design classes, and can converse about a number of computer topics (software, mainly, but she's still ahead of the curve there.) For that matter, she is actually rather interesting to talk to; a very refreshing mix of common sense and humor, along with the ability to listen, combine to make Annie very agreeable to be around.

They (Annie and Alex) have been going out of the house for the past four days, to Philadelphia, Longwood Gardens, etc. This has left me listening to music, reading books, and noding; just the way I like it.

As gloomy as it sounds, I actually think I'll look forward to the day she leaves; not due to any grudge against her specfically, but I would, for the moment, prefer to be able to concentrate on noding, uninterrupted by hormones. Bottom line, she's too distracting.

I have been away from E2 since late May, but I think I'm officially back; three somewhat long nodes in the last two days, and now I'm level 2 (voting!). Hopefully I can manage to stay here for more than a month without getting overly distracted.