"Daicon Film" is the name for the group which initially came together at the Daicon 3 and 4 Japanese SF Conventions. This group of otaku took this name when they started making amateur films.

Their features include "Aikoku Sentai Dainippon (Patriotic Taskforce Great Japan)", "Kaettekita Ultraman (Return of Ultraman)", and "Yamata Orochi no Gyakushuu (Revenge of Yamata Orochi, the Eight-Headed Serpent)".

Founded in 1982, some of its members include Takami Akai, Hiroyuki Yamaga and Hideaki Anno, all students of the Osaka College of Art. These boys went on to form the "Otaku Studio" that is Gainax.

They were also responsible for the now famous "bunny girl" from the Daicon 3 and 4 openings. Parodies of this character appear in two later Gainax productions, Otaku no Video and FLCL. You can download parts of the original openings from the Gainax website, www.gainax.co.jp