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Wentworth Institute of Technology
"Coffee: You can sleep when you're dead."
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Coffee consumption is a pretty cool thing. Especially when you're the caffinated one at a kegger. Coffee provides more time for the good things in life: SlashDot, programming, Star Craft, SlashDot, more programming (not necessarily in that or.der).

Right now I attend W.I.T. in Boston, MA. I am currently studying Electromechanical Engineering. I'd tell you about my computer but you would just laugh. I have no chick so I spend my time pondering things to program so that I. might actually develop some good skills. When I graduate from college I hope to work in a robotics field ... maybe even at NASA.I also maintain a page called the CyberMug Cafe with some of my friend like Mwarps.

If you like robotics you. ought to check out FIRST.

Make sure you check out Mwarps node