Spleen (?), n. [L. splen, Gr. the milt or spleen, affection of the spleen; cf. L. lien, plihan, plihan.]

1. Anat.

A peculiar glandlike but ductless organ found near the stomach or intestine of most vertebrates and connected with the vascular system; the milt. Its exact function is not known.


Anger; latent spite; ill humor; malice; as, to vent one's spleen.

In noble minds some dregs remain, Not yet purged off, of spleen and sour disdain. Pope.


A fit of anger; choler.



A sudden motion or action; a fit; a freak; a whim.

[Obs. or R.]

A thousand spleens bear her a thousand ways. Shak.


Melancholy; hypochondriacal affections.

Bodies changed to various forms by spleen. Pope.

There is a luxury in self-dispraise: And inward self-disparagement affords To meditative spleen a grateful feast. Wordsworth.


A fit of immoderate laughter or merriment.


Thy silly thought enforces my spleen. Shak.


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Spleen, v. t.

To dislke.


Bp. Hacket.


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