Shirt (?), n. [OE. schirte, sherte, schurte; akin to Icel. skyrta, Dan. skiorte, Sw. skjorta, Dan. skiort a petticoat, D. schort a petticoat, an argon, G. schurz, schurze, an argon; all probably from the root of E. short, as being originally a short garment. See Short, and cf. Skirt.]

A loose under-garment for the upper part of the body, made of cotton, linen, or other material; -- formerly used of the under-garment of either sex, now commonly restricted to that worn by men and boys.

Several persons in December had nothing over their shoulders but their shirts. Addison.

She had her shirts and girdles of hair. Bp. Fisher.


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Shirt, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Shirted; p. pr. & vb. n. Shirting.]

To cover or clothe with a shirt, or as with a shirt.



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