Na"iad (?), n. [L. naias, -adis, nais, -idis, a water nymph, Gr , , fr. to flow: cf. F. naiade. Cf. Naid.]

1. Myth.

A water nymph; one of the lower female divinities, fabled to preside over some body of fresh water, as a lake, river, brook, or fountain.

2. Zool.

Any species of a tribe (Naiades) of freshwater bivalves, including Unio, Anodonta, and numerous allied genera; a river mussel.

3. Zool

One of a group of butterflies. See Nymph.

4. Bot.

Any plant of the order Naiadaceae, such as eelgrass, pondweed, etc.


© Webster 1913.