Moose (mOOs), n. [A native name; Knisteneaux mouswah; Algonquin monse. Mackenzie.] (Zoöl.)

A large cervine mammal (Alces machlis, or A. Americanus), native of the Northern United States and Canada. The adult male is about as large as a horse, and has very large, palmate antlers. It closely resembles the European elk, and by many zoölogists is considered the same species. See Elk.

Moose bird (Zoöl.), the Canada jay or whisky jack. See Whisky jack. --
Moose deer. Same as Moose. --
Moose yard (Zoöl.), a locality where moose, in winter, herd together in a forest to feed and for mutual protection.


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Moose (?), n.

A member of the Progressive Party; a Bull Moose. [Cant]


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