Fixed (?), a.


Securely placed or fastened; settled; established; firm; imovable; unalterable.

2. Chem.

Stable; non-volatile.

Fixed air Old Chem., carbonic acid or carbon dioxide; -- so called by Dr. Black because it can be absorbed or fixed by strong bases. See Carbonic acid, under Carbonic. -- Fixed alkali Old Chem., a non-volatile base, as soda, or potash, in distinction from the volatile alkali ammonia. -- Fixed ammunition Mil., a projectile and powder inclosed together in a case ready for loading. -- Fixed battery Mil., a battery which contains heavy guns and mortars intended to remain stationary; -- distinguished from movable battery. -- Fixed bodies, those which can not be volatilized or separated by a common menstruum, without great difficulty, as gold, platinum, lime, etc. -- Fixed capital. See the Note under Capital, n., 4. -- Fixed fact, a well established fact. [Colloq.] -- Fixed light, one which emits constant beams; -- distinguished from a flashing, revolving, or intermittent light. -- Fixed oils Chem., non-volatile, oily substances, as stearine and olein, which leave a permanent greasy stain, and which can not be distilled unchanged; -- distinguished from volatile or essential oils. -- Fixed pivot Mil., the fixed point about which any line of troops wheels. -- Fixed stars Astron., such stars as always retain nearly the same apparent position and distance with respect to each other, thus distinguished from planets and comets.


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