Originally Chinese, these are two or more spherical balls made of any of a variety of materials. I've seen them made from Iron, Steel (Stainless and Plain), and almost anything from Jade to High-Impact Plastics. Meditation Balls vary in size, from 1½ inches to 4 inches in diameter.

Early adaptations were made of solid Iron. Later on, these were made hollow and craftsmen placed chimes in them. The chimes are actually sound plates of various sizes and shapes. These sound plates usually produce a high tone (about 8KHz) in one ball and a low tone (about 2 or 3KHz) in the other. Balls of this type are ideal for meditation.

Meditation Balls are also a great form of arm, hand, and wrist excercise. Because the balls are rotated clockwise or counter-clockwise in your hand, they focus on repetition rather than strain to develop your musculature. This results in muscles that are not as bulky, but are well defined, lean, and endurant. If you are looking for these for their training/excercise value, I'd recommend spending some extra time searching to find ones that are solid, not hollow or chimed. Because they are solid, they aren't prone to breaking and are much heavier, up to a pound each!

As you excercise with these, you will gradually see more definition in your hands and arms. Meditation Balls are also highly recommended for relief of stress and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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