Ec*lec"tic (?), a. [Gr. , fr. to pick out, choose out: cf. F. 'eclectique. See Eclogue, and cf. Elect.]


Selecting; choosing (what is true or excellent in doctrines, opinions, etc.) from various sources or systems; as, an eclectic philosopher.


Consisting, or made up, of what is chosen or selected; as, an eclectic method; an eclectic magazine.

Eclectic physician, one of a class of practitioners of medicine, who select their modes of practice and medicines from all schools; formerly, sometimes the same as botanic physician. [U.S.] -- Eclectic school. Paint. See Bolognese school, under Bolognese.


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Ec*lec"tic (?), n.

One who follows an eclectic method.


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