Cel"lu*lar (?), a. [L. cellula a little cell: cf. F. cellulaire. See Cellule.]

Consisting of, or containing, cells; of or pertaining to a cell or cells.

Cellular plants, Cellular cryptogams Bot., those flowerless plants which have no ducts or fiber in their tissue, as mosses, fungi, lichens, and algae. -- Cellular theory, or Cell theory Biol., a theory, according to which the essential element of every tissue, either vegetable or animal, is a cell; the whole series of cells having been formed from the development of the germ cell and by differentiation converted into tissues and organs which, both in plants ans animals, are to be considered as a mass of minute cells communicating with each other. -- Cellular tissue. (a) Anat. See conjunctive tissue under Conjunctive. (b) Bot. Tissue composed entirely of parenchyma, and having no woody fiber or ducts. <-- cellular telephone, a portable radio-telephone transmitting and receiving the radio-telephonic signals from one of a group of transmitter-receiver stations so arranged that they provide adequate signal contact for such telephones over a certain geographical area. The area within which one transmitter may service such portable telephones is called its "cell. -->


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