Mar"ma*lade (?), n. [F. marmelade, Pg. marmelada, fr. marm'elo a quince, fr. L. melimelum honey apple, Gr. a sweet apple, an apple grafted on a quince; honey + apple. Cf. Mellifluous, Melon.]

A preserve or confection made of the pulp of fruit, as the quince, pear, apple, orange, etc., boiled with sugar, and brought to a jamlike consistence.

Marmalade tree Bot., a sapotaceous tree (Lucuma mammosa) of the West Indies and Tropical America. It has large obovate leaves and an egg-shaped fruit from three to five inches long, containing a pleasant-flavored pulp and a single large seed. The fruit is called marmalade, or natural marmalade, from its consistency and flavor. <-- produces -->


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