A naturist is somebody who enjoys running about nude but who is apparently a bit too shy to admit to being a nudist as people might get the impression that they enoyed running about nude.
But that's only natural.

Not to be confused with the naturalist, though not mutually exclusive either.

Naturists prefer to avoid the use of clothing except when necessary for protection from the elements. Because of this, naturists consume less in the way of natural resources such as water, particularly in those instances where the water used to launder clothing comes from the same source as drinking water. It follows, too, that naturists create less wastewater that is laden with detergents and other chemicals that must be removed before the water can be used for anything else, consuming energy in the process.

Na"tur*ist, n.

One who believes in, or conforms to, the theory of naturism.



© Webster 1913.

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