Im*mer"sion (?), n. [L. immersio; cf. F. immersion.]


The act of immersing, or the state of being immersed; a sinking within a fluid; a dipping; as, the immersion of Achilles in the Styx.


Submersion in water for the purpose of Christian baptism, as, practiced by the Baptists.


The state of being overhelmed or deeply absorbed; deep engagedness.

Too deep an immersion in the affairs of life. Atterbury.

4. Astron.

The dissapearance of a celestail body, by passing either behind another, as in the occultation of a star, or into its shadow, as in the eclipse of a satellite; -- opposed to emersion.

Immersion lens, a microscopic objective of short focal distance designed to work with a drop of liquid, as oil, between the front lens and the slide, so that this lens is practically immersed.


© Webster 1913.