A term for the mindset induced in certain game programmers. This disease shows its ugly head in many games, such as Half life, and Deus Ex. Symptoms include the delusional belief that every power-up, weapon, item the character will ever need will be found in a crate. And not plastic milk crates, either. The plain old wood variety.

This detracts from the immersion a player experiences, since we cannot explain why these particular wooden crates exist, intact, in the various locales they are found in. Sure that crate marked weapons is gonna be left alone just because it's in that back alley in NYC. Right.

Thankfully some games get around this, and an excellent example is Diablo II. Whilst the game uses generic crate archetypes - "Open it, get something", it also fits these crates to their locations. So we get ceramic urns in the desert, wicker baskets in the jungle and more gribbly containers in hell.

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