Flat"ting (?), n.


The process or operation of making flat, as a cylinder of glass by opening it out.


A mode of painting,in which the paint, being mixed with turpentine, leaves the work without gloss.



A method of preserving gilding unburnished, by touching with size.



The process of forming metal into sheets by passing it between rolls.

Flatting coat, a coat of paint so put on as to have no gloss. -- Flatting furnace. Same as Flattening oven, under Flatten. -- Flatting mill. (a) A rolling mill producing sheet metal; esp., in mints, the ribbon from which the planchets are punched. (b) A mill in which grains of metal are flatted by steel rolls, and reduced to metallic dust, used for purposes of ornamentation.


© Webster 1913.