Dor (?), n. [Cf. AS. dora drone, locust, D. tor beetle, L. taurus a kind of beetle. Cf. Dormouse.] Zool.

A large European scaraboid beetle (Geotrupes stercorarius), which makes a droning noise while flying. The name is also applied to allied American species, as the June bug. Called also dorr, dorbeetle, or dorrbeetle, dorbug, dorrfly, and buzzard clock.


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Dor, n. [Cf. Dor a beetle, and Hum, Humbug.]

A trick, joke, or deception.

Beau. & Fl.

To give one the dor, to make a fool of him. [Archaic]

P. Fletcher.


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Dor, v. t.

To make a fool of; to deceive.

[Obs.] [Written also dorr.]

B. Jonson.


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