Cas"tor (?), n. [L. castor the beaver, Gr. ; of uncertain origin.]

1. Zool.

A genus of rodents, including the beaver. See Beaver.


Castoreum. See Castoreum.


A hat, esp. one made of beaver fur; a beaver.

I have always been known for the jaunty manner in which I wear my castor. Sir W. Scott.


A heavy quality of broadcloth for overcoats.


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Cast"or (?), n.

See Caster, a small wheel.


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Cas"tor (?), n. [L.] Astron.

the northernmost of the two bright stars in the constellation Gemini, the other being Pollux.


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Cas"tor, Cas"tor*ite (?), n. [The minerals castor and pollux were so named because found together on the island of Elba. See Castor and Pollux.] Min.

A variety of the mineral called petalite, from Elba.


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