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`8b,             ,d8888888888P'
`V8a,       ,ad8888888888P'

The Yin Yang Symbol

The Yin Yang is the Chinese symbol representing good and Evil, light and dark. The circles in the two shapes represent the beleif that in every evil there is a good, an in every good there is an evil. This symbol is also know as the Tai-Chi symbol. It shows the classic epic struggle between the two forces of good and evil.

Yang when translated literally from the Chinese means "the sunny side of the mountain" or "illumination", while
Yin can be translated as "the shadowy slope", the opposite of the Yang.

Yang, The White Side, can be defined as active, commence, poignant, spreading out, recounting, shifting, dispersing, expanding, antagonistic and as negation, also it represents the male side.

Yin ,The Black Side, is regarded as a force which makes things concrete, materialises as being implementation, proving, corresponding, solidifying, thickening, organising, determining, sharp, at rest, hardy, compact and dependable, also the feminine side.