The problem with the spam blocks is that it's the analogy of running away and hiding to avoid problem that's here to stay unless the people fight. The another is that it hurts legitimate communication.

Here's a part of newsgroup posting of mine that tells why spam blocks are kind of silly...

Here's a good example that illustrates perfectly why I think address munging isn't a exactly an effective thing:

"If you want to E-mail me, the first part of my E-mail address is

n = 7
p = [ -9.8611e-02, 2.3125e+00, -2.1215e+01, 9.6354e+01, -2.2619e+02,
2.5683e+02, 1.1000e+01 ]

and the second part of my E-mail address is

n = 6
p = [ -0.97355, 15.73624, -90.37146, 212.76845, -142.54711,
-130.65572, 241.04315 ]

My E-mail address is in this notation to stop spammers, because I hope the spam bots aren't smart enough to figure out the address."

Ask me if you can't figure that out. I may give you some clues. =) [Or, you can take a look here...]

The point is: A spam trap is an obstacle for the legitimate users. Sure, in most of the cases I can easily figure out the real E-mail, in some cases it's more or less impossible...