The Train: Escape To Normandy is a game for Commodore 64.

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The idea of the game is simple - I don't have a manual so this is from memory and observations: The World War II is Out There. You are a French rebel leader who has captured an armored train. Now, your job is to get a trainload of priceless works of art across occupied France to Normandy.

Most of the game is about proper care and feeding of the locomotive and watching the scenery roll by. Of course, it's winter and night so you don't see much, but the 3D effects are tolerable. There aren't many controls in the train though; For most of the time, all you need to do is to control the throttle and brakes, and, of course, shovel in some coal. You can, of course, do what everyone has always wanted to do: blow the train whistle...

You can also man the machine guns on either end of the train to shoot down the attacking airplanes, or watch the map.

The game also has some subgames: The most interesting one involves giving cover fire for a guy who goes to the train station (shoot enemies who appear on the station windows). As a reward, you can send telegrams to the allied forces and ask them to take over stations and bridges, or ask for repairs. If you fail, you die and that's not good.

Another subgame involves sinking of gunboats that are often found floating by enemy-controlled bridges. You need to sink them with a mortar.

All in all, it's a rather interesting game that I'd like to see cloned for PCs... (Microsoft Train Simulator might do it, but it probably doesn't have the subgames =)