The tracker music program written by Karsten Obarski for Amiga in 1987. This was the first tracker program ever made, and obviously quite primitive by today's standards. The first clone, Noisetracker, appeared in 1989 and the legendary Protracker followed in 1990. Very few mods in circulation these days have been made with it, but many .mod players have problems interpreting modules that have been converted from its format, and even more problems reading the native format. Good player routine torture test material.

Also, SoundTracker is the name of unrelated (and vastly more featureful) tracker. It is a FastTracker II clone what comes to the interface, and it reads and writes .XM modules, and also reads .MODs. It is open source, runs on *NIXes with Open Sound System and/or JACK sound APIs, and has a GTK+/GNOME 1.x interface. It uses the OpenCP player routines. It is one of the nicest and most featureful trackers for *NIX platforms. Homepage: