SATAN (Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks) was also the name of one of the first security tools I've seen that hit the news here. MikroBITTI mentioned it as some sort of great cracking tool.

So cool, in fact, that one of my friends wanted me to download it. Well, I had Windows 3.1 at that time, UNIX software probably didn't work that well so we aren't l33t hAx0rz now... =)

In retrospect, I don't see what the fuss was about. It's just a port scanner. And even that article mentioned programs that detect portscans.

Besides, the program is horribly outdated, it won't even compile on modern Linux dists without serious stabs with Knife of Kluge. The successor was called SAINT. But truth to tell, nmap is the port scanner.

The program's logo graphic was donated by Neil Gaiman.