I have become Ralph, the destroyer of cities

Ralph - or, if we're to spell the name correctly according to the original Rampage game, Ralph! - is the gigantic anthropomorphic, bipedal wolf of the Rampage arcade game and its follow-ups.

The other two monsters of the game are easier to explain: Lizzie is a clone of Godzilla and George is a clone of King Kong. However, most gigantic monster movies have not had a giant wolf! It can be just speculated that the folks at Bally Midway needed to make the game playable by three players, and got the character quickly after another great source of horror stories - the werewolf side.

(newspaper headlines in the game)

Ralph, according to the background story, was a hot dog stand owner. (Picture of his human form can be seen in the Rampage arcade game.) One day, he was hungry enough to eat the food from his own shop - at times, there is no bounds to human desperation - and was then transformed into a gigantic anthropomorphic wolf.

I love him.

I apologise for having a fixation on tails (oo, look, cute bushy tails!!!), but one notable thing is that in original Rampage artwork, Ralph doesn't have a tail. This may be logical, because there's no explanation on whether or not werewolves have tails, either - and most werewolves in artwork don't have tails. Nevertheless, I was very happy to see new artwork in Rampage Puzzle Attack, where Ralph, now more menacing than ever, did have a cute wolf-tail to balance the horror of the appearance.

As many people probably know, I roleplay an anthro-wolf online, too. In FurryMUCK, there's a Rampage coin-op in one place where the people who play the game become giant animals themselves. It was one of my dreams come true: I could actually become Ralph, one of the coolest arcade game characters ever. "Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!" (or something like that, I have not played the game for a while.)

A story from E2, long long time ago. I had been playing Rampage a lot, and found Ralph definition from Webster. It was a delight.

"Look", I told my sister. "Ralph is a name given to a raven."
"Think of the wolf from Rampage... ravens... wolves... see?"

In the nature, I've been told, the ravens and wolves do have an understanding and sense of cooperation (and same goes for hawks, quoth czeano). So maybe the name of raven is also a good name to a wolf.

(And this note was well before this became the C!-dump-target-du-jour. This is why I C!'d it. I urge you not to node your motives or this will be one hell of a long node.)