Alivaltiosihteeri is known to mix topics in their radio sketches. One of such interesting topic mix was a 1991 parody of then-popular "Levyraati" TV program ("Record Jury"; a music review program where people told their opinions about newest hits), called Psykoraati. In the sketch, the jury, with the judge Jukka Tajunnan-Virtanen ("Jukka Thought Stream"; the real show was hosted by Jukka Virtanen) reviewed some psychos based on short samples of their talk, analyzed the levels of insanity they had, and so forth.

There was another Psykoraati, known as Sfnet.psykoraati, written by Antti Koivumäki. This one was a variation of the same theme, using same character names, and parodying the same reviewers. However, the "quotes from the psychos" they reviewed were taken from the most incomprehensible personalities of sfnet groups - mostly from folks in local paranormalia and religion newsgroups.

Psykoraati was held 3 times in 1992, once in 1994 and once in 1995 - the last one psycho-reviewed the still kicking "Living Legend" sfnet.kook Kati Sinenmaa. The originals (in Finnish) can be found in <URL:>.