<evil-knight-voice>Bwahahahahaaaaaa!</evil-knight-voice> I finally woke up early enough, even when I stayed up until 4 or so! (Too much coffee, darn it)

Yesterday I figured out what was blasting my Schedulist. One for loop had = in the test. Yes, a =. It was supposed to have a <=... I thought Perl was supposed to complain about stuff like this.

I also found out about CPAN module Set::IntRange - This thing actually works, as opposed to the code I had. (Well, I'm not ashamed to resort to CPAN, au contraire - just sad that the code I had there already doesn't work at all anymore...)

Well, time to face the challenges of the day!


Done Usenet.

Spent some time cracking a Javascript-based "password" system that thinks it has cryptographic security. Well, the author probably has never thought the d00d would copy the script to their own machine or something (and modify the script and bypass checking altogheter) - or has probably never heard of hash collisions either for that matter... =)

There is no such thing as "secure" (or usable) JavaScript-based web page password scheme, folks! If you want to make password-protected pages, use HTTP authentication or CGI program.


Oh yeah, pe(a)rls from the last night's debugging session:

use Data::Dumper;
open(TMPFILE,">/tmp/datastructure.txt") or die "Aiee!\n";
print TMPFILE Dumper($data);
close TMPFILE;

This boldly goes where the Perl debugger fears to tread.


Wellllll... I made something cool: Javascript-based password system that uses MD5 to encrypt the password and stuff (I got the MD5 JavaScript file from the writeup). No way you can figure out the username and password!!! (Well, the target file name is still in the file as plaintext... =)

I wrote one topical node - JungleBoy seemed to flee because someone nuked a writeup of his, but apparently lv2 users don't know of Node Heaven. Patience, folks, patience... Patience is an important virtue!


Damn, I wish E2 Jukka theme would fit in 640 pixels and colors could be changed to fit the water theme and font too and... aww heck, I'll just use the water theme after all...

Other day logs o' mine...

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