This is a ballad from the Finnish Western movie Speedy Gonzales - noin 7 veljeksen poika. In the movie, it's performed by Speedy Gonzales (Spede Pasanen).

It's not really a song - most of it is read over the music (well, it's telling a thrilling tale), and the short refrain parts are sung. It creates just the sort of effect that we're following a really thrilling tale from the West...

(When I have the time, I will check the composer, lyricist and rest of the details from the National Filmography...)

The somewhat clumsy translation of the poem by yours truly.

(Regarding the style of the soundtrack: Can we say Morricone? Yeah, I thought so. =)

(Original Finnish lyrics removed due to copyright concerns)


It's evening, and the weather is stormy
and the seven headhunters are riding
They know where's hiding an outlaw
they'll get ten thousand for bringing him... a court of law

Birds of prey ride again
A thousand and four hundred twenty-eight, and some, each one will gain

They go over river at a shallow point
but one of them stays behind
He falls from the back of the chestnut horse
and only six ...will follow the course

Birds of prey ride again
A thousand and six hundred sixty-six approximately them awaits

In the forest some shadows move
only two note, others forward gallop
They turn, a few branches snap
and soon then they both ...just drop

Birds of prey ride again
So now the prize for four shall rise to two and half grand

They ride until horses are dying
and arrive in morning to a deep canyon
a terrible boulder rolls down the hill
and two men, again, get killed

Birds of prey ride again
So now already five thousand greenbacks each of them awaits

The two men will ride onward
and they keep an eye on each other
and the mountain path is a dangerous one
why the other tripped and met his doom?
The last man is on the top of the mount
and arrives to the cold ashes of the crook
Now whistle is heard - or is it the wind?
he turns, and no one else is around
He stands on the top of the rocky cliff
and heap of money is soon not just in dreams
He draws, shoots, and falls down...
...and the prize is no one's to claim.

Birds of prey ride again
I think everyone already knows the greedy one's fate?