Freegle (name obviously punning on Google) was an attempt to create a search engine for Freenet content. It was created by someone called Dr. Java.

It was based on the Freenet concept of key indexes. Basically, when you upload something to Freenet, all you need to do is to insert the key to key index (done in the freenet_insert program).

For actual searching, there were two options:

  1. Using the search engine. Since the site is off the Freenet, there is certain amount of privacy threats involved. (Then again, if you're using freegle to l33ch mp3z, perharps you don't care of such things. =)
  2. Using Java applet-based search engine that fetches entire keyindex from Freenet and searches that. Potentially more secure.

Unluckily Freegle only worked in the obsolete Freenet 0.3 network, and the site doesn't even exist anymore.