("Behold, the Pleasant Spring") The fifth part of Carmina Burana, 3rd part of "Primo Vere".

The song is, as seen below (and in Primo Vere writeup), about the joys of spring.

The first stanza was also the background music of the original Team Fortress game demo. This possibly earns it the record of Most Out-Of-Place Game Background Music Ever (unless you count those fantasy CRPGs with techno music in the background). =)

Source of lyrics: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~caveman/Carmina/carmlyr.htm - The copyright on Latin lyrics has, quite probably, expired, but I'm not sure of the translation. If someone complains, the translation should be removed, of course.

Ecce gratum                         Behold, the pleasant
et optatum                          and longed-for
Ver reducit gaudia,                 spring brings back joyfulness,
purpuratum                          violet flowers
floret pratum,                      fill the meadows,
Sol serenat omnia.                  the sun brightens everything,
Iamiam cedant tristia!              sadness is now at an end!
Estas redit,                        Summer returns,
nunc recedit                        now withdraw
Hyemis sevitia.                     the rigours of winter. Ah!

Iam liquescit                       Now melts
et decrescit                        and disappears
grando, nix et cetera;              ice, snow and the rest,
bruma fugit,                        winter flees,
et iam sugit                        and now spring sucks at summer's breast:
Ver Estatis ubera;                  a wretched soul is he
illi mens est misera,               who does not live
qui nec vivit,                      or lust
nec lascivit                        under summer's rule. Ah!
sub Estatis dextera.

Gloriantur                          They glory
et letantur                         and rejoice
in melle dulcedinis,                in honeyed sweetness
qui conantur,                       who strive
ut utantur                          to make use of
premio Cupidinis:                   Cupid's prize;
simus jussu Cypridis                at Venus' command
gloriantes                          let us glory
et letantes                         and rejoice
pares esse Paridis.                 in being Paris' equals. Ah!