A dream fragment:

I had got some new shelves to my home. So, it was time for redecorating! I rearranged everything here, and put all of my RPG and strategy game material to all these new shelves. Those things then filled all of the shelves! Two walls were covered from floor to ceiling with shelves, and they were full of books.

Someone, apparently a person I knew but who wasn't a close friend, was here. He said "Hey, you have bought a lot of stuff from the game store, maybe you should ask them for the a discount card. They might give you one."

I had got a new Mac. I was using GIMP in Mac OS X to make a new logo for the side of one game box (it was a game translated from English, and the English logo on the box wasn't as cool as in the original edition). I had problems rearranging layers, but then I noticed the active applications were kind of wrong and once I closed some apps it worked fine. I thought I would have a lot to learn to get used to Macs, and single menu bar concept was something I had trouble living with...

This guy then talked about some things with his girlfriend while I was working on the logo, and said the game maker (for whose game I was replicating the logo for) had sued someone. When I was done with the logo, he looked at the shelves, and whispered out loud "...No, I don't think the store would give a discount card! Amazing..."

Someone in the radio was singing some song without accompaniment (probably anthem of one Finnish province). I took down one of the copies of historical maps of Finland I had on the wall, revealing another map. I then thought of attaching it under this map, but thought the map might get damaged.

Some interpretations:

Rearrangements: Late previous evening, I had moved a chair next to my computer so I could watch one DivX clip without messing around with the tv-out, and hadn't moved it back.

Logo: I had been thinking of development of Loki Games' logo screens earlier day. One of the preceding dream fragments also had the Loki logo. This logo in the dream was different, though, but used the same font!

Song: An unaccompanied song was playing in the radio when I woke up =)