Nine taylors make a man ; an ancient and common saying, originating from the effeminacy of their employment ; or, as some have it, from nine taylors having been robbed by one man; according to others, from the speech of a woollendraper, meaning that the custom of nine taylors would make or enrich one man.
A London taylor, rated to furnish half a man to the Trained Bands, asking how that could possibly be done? was answered, By sending four journeymen and and apprentice.

Put a taylor, a weaver, and a miller into a sack, shake them well, And the first that puts out his head is certainly a thief.
A taylor is frequently styled pricklouse ; assaults on those vermin with their needles.
taylors goose

An iron with which, when heated, press down the seams of clothes.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.