GMs! Tired of +3 Swords of Stabbing and Shields of Physical Protection? Fear not! Throw your players a few of these...

  • Bracers of Ale Consumption: Permit the wearer to cosume d10 (Imperial) pints of ale more than they would normally be able with no ill effects.
    WARNING: Use of these magical artifacts in dwarven drinking contests has been outlawed, and is punishable by disqualification followed by semi-immediate defenestration, should any windows be available.

  • Axe of Gratuitous Violence (cursed): Upon inspection, this appears to be a +2 Axe, 2-handed. Any character attempting to wield it, however, must make a saving throw vs charm or succumb to the curse. They will ALWAYS attack the nearest visible creature, friend or foe, and will stop only when no living creatures (other than themselves) remain in the vicinity. A Remove Curse spell is required to enable the character to unequip the weapon.

  • Helm of Insufficient Light: When worn, this helm will emit just enough light for the character to be able to see 1.5' in front of them.

  • Wand of Fireball, Short-Range: Enables the user to cast Fireball at any target up to 19' away.

  • An old favourite, the Sword of Complete and Utter Destruction: Kills everything within a 3-mile radius. Yes, everything. :)

  • Pouch of Theoretical Infinite Wealth: Generates 1 copper coin per day.

  • Potion of Flatulence: Does exactly what it says on the tin.

  • Throwing Axe of Returning (cursed): Returns at exactly the same velocity at which it was thrown. Cannot be disposed of except via a Remove Curse spell.

  • Runes of Illegibility: Anything written in these runes cannot be understood by anyone. Ever.