"Talga Vassternich."
Or, in english,
"Deserve Victory."

Like each Wizard's Rule in the Sword of Truth series, this rule is infinitely helpful in Richard Rahl's various quests. In the eighth book, we find Richard beginning to have headaches caused by his magic again. However, this time, the efforts of his powerful friends Ann and Nathan cannot save him. His headaches become worse and worse throughout the book, and Richard knows that eventually they will kill him.

His savior comes in the form of two simple words, inscribed in stone, left there by an ancient wizard. Talga Vassternich, Deserve Victory.

Note that there's a more in depth analysis below, and some people might consider this a spoiler for the book.

So how does this help him? Well, it takes some explaining. To begin with, Richard doesn't eat meat. The idea disgusts him. He believes this to be because he kills people. He thinks that his magic requires balance, and therefore, when he kills people, he does not eat meat.

However, this means that he is subconciously thinking that killing is always wrong, or that he is doing wrong by killing people. In a way, his gift is punishing him because he is doing what he believes wrong.

Deserve Victory. Seeing the words, he realizes that his magic does not require balance, like his actions do not require reasons. He is in the right; his killing is just, and seeking balance means he is only punishing himself wrongly. He stops seeking balance, because none is needed, and therefore his magic stops hurting him.

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