I've just spent 3 weeks in Mexico. You would think they eat a lot of really hot stuff, hold siesta with their sombreros on their faces, reclining back against some creaky tree, only to spring to life in the evening when the fiesta gets going. Then it's time for Tequila and campfires, rodeos on small horses, and maybe the odd game involving a small cactus (adults only).
Now, this picture is totally wrong.
For some reason, I felt I was hard pressed to find much that was Mexican in Mexico. Chili con Carne apparently is American, the beans they eat are of the black variety which is really not someting foreigners enjoy very much, and above all, all activity in the entire country is stifled by the most mystifying toilet paper problem: hardly any toilet at all has toilet paper. You have to bring your own. Just in case: the word is "papel sanitario". Most toilets are dismally dirty. ... And to add to your discomfort, most sewage systems can't cope with toilet paper, so you have to dump your used paper into a (too small) bin next to the toilet. Let me remind you that the climate is very hot and damp. You get the picture.

Disclamer for those who are in doubt: This is only a satirical description of how I experienced Mexico. In fact, it's a beautiful country, with people who welcomed me very warmly. However, there is a toilet paper problem: I agree, you get it in the supermarket, but I generally don't take a shit in the supermarket. I would want to find toilet paper on the toilet.