The Key to hypnotism is receptiveness. That is your first lesson. Your subject must consent(for moral and logistical reasons). An unwilling subject will not be hypnotized no matter how hard you try. It just won't work and it's ethically pretty iffy. So now that you have a willing subject let's begin.

1. Find an isolated room. Fill it with soft relaxing music at a low level. Soft light helps too.

2. Begin by instructing your subject to lie down (on a bed preferably) and focus on a single point above them. Speak in a low soft voice and work at emphasizing your voice with a steady rhythm.

relaxation is key

3. Tell the subject they are feeling sleepy. With all that you have done so far...they will feel sleepy

4. Instruct them to focus on breathing and on breathing towards specific body parts (try this on yourself, it's a great relaxant).

5. Use visualization of descending. "As I count down from ten you are descending down a staircase, and with each step you are more and more asleep."

6. Finish it off with some simple instructions on behavior. "When I touch you you will be asleep...when I touch you again you will wake up. If I say sleep you will instantly fall asleep and a touch will wake you again."

7. With anything you tell your subject be sure that it is clear and be redundant. You want them to do exactly as you say. Try practicing, it can't hurt if you have a willing subject.

8. To wake them back up, follow step 5 in reverse. They are now climbing out of a dark stairwell, every step they are closer to light and feel more awake. Before doing this you may want to modify their memory. That's not a problem. No one wants to really remember what happened, so a simple instruction will clear up any possible embarrassment for them about what they did.

That's basically all there is to it. I would like to emphasize though that you should use your conscience before endeavoring such things.