An album containing some of the theme music found in the jukebox in any Waffle House restaurant.
The track listing of the Jukebox Favorites Vol. 1 disc is as follows:

"Waffle House Family - Part 1" by Mary Welch Rogers
"844,739 Ways To Eat A Hamburger" by Billy Dee Cox
"Waffle Do Wop" by Eddie Middleton
"I'm Cookin'" by Blue Miller
"There are Raisins in My Toast" by Danny Jones
"Saturday Night at My Place" by Gary Garcia
"Special Lady" by Billy Dee Cox
"I'm Going Back To The Waffle House" by Mary Welch Rogers & Jason Bowen
"Good Food Fast" by Eddie Middleton
"Waffle House Thank You" by Mary Welch Rogers

There is also another album of Waffle House music available, "It's a Waffle House Christmas".

A random thought: The last time I visited a Waffle House, their menu stated the number of possible burger permutations to be much higher - 22,020,096, in fact. My brain hurts...

Sources: for the track listing; Waffle House's website, and their menu (available in .pdf at