As far as weird names go, the japanese have the lead, I suppose. After the WonderSwan (or the newer SwanCrystal), Bandai has also provided us with the Wonderwitch. What the heck is a Wonderwitch, you ask?

The Wonderwitch is a fully capable developers toolkit for the WonderSwan Bandai's handheld console, enabling you, the user to create your own games, tools, whathaveyou, or download those written by other poor saps. Still, this makes the WonderSwan the only (handheld) console that allows you to create your own modules. A step ahead if you ask me (but nobody does). Now, if only I could code...

The Set is available in three versions:

  • The Wonderwitch: Contains all relevant software to create new modules, a cartridge and cables, as well as a manual. It works with all three versions of the Swan. Price: A whopping 16.800 Yen.
  • The Wonderwitch Player: Like above, but no creation software, just what is necessary to load the new modules onto the cartridges. Still 7.800 Yen.
  • The Wonderwhich Modules: Seperatly available empty modules, these are priced at 3,800 Yen, Slightly lower than a new module would run you.

More info on this japanese site: