Rapidly growing japanese brand of cheap clothing with nonetheless astoundingly good quality. It's focus is basic, casual wear for everyday use, catering to all generations. The brands breakthrough came with the opening of the Harajuku store, the first in the Tokyo, which led to unequalled popularity of the brand.

With its sales having more than quadrupled in the last two years, the chain has now set its eyes on expanding into the rest of the world, having opened the first 15 stores in the United Kingdom, planning to extend that number threefold in the next 2 years. In Japan however, the first growth boom seems to be over, as sales are a bit lower than last year. Nonetheless, stores continue to draw in many customers, and sales figure are high.

Most interesting about Uniqlo is that this company managed to expand violently in the troubled and pessimistic market that was Japan in the last few years.