The List of noders I met, more or less in the order I met them:
  • wonko: a truly badass driver, and really a most excellent guy. i must find out if he LANs. he can call me at home.
  • qousqous: maker of possibly the best sushi i've ever had. i am still serious about paying a dollar to see him with a fro comb in that hair.
  • Joyquality: even if she weren't cool, directing us to Spiffy's is more than enough bonus points.
  • ideath: let me contribute to her zine, and is now on my short list of people that are cool to get lost with. and being a Sleater-Kinney fan is about 50,000 points right there.
  • moJoe: the dot product of Kevin Smith and Dennis Miller. in that he is intelligent, clever, witty, and funny as hell, and he seems to like ranting about things. much, much more attractive than Kevin Smith, though.
  • dwyn: the snake behind me, hissing "have another beer". the accent is cool as hell, and he can keep up with wonko driving. my new drinking buddy.
  • achan: my mentor. every damn word that comes out of his mouth is a pearl of wisdom. i'm going to kill him.
  • radlab0: her coolness and oddness augment each other exponentially. i liked her instantly; how can you not? probably my new favorite noder; go read Too Darn Hot right fucking now
  • Psyicide and Svaha: they left early, so i didn't really get to meet them much. i remember that psyicide seemed quite nice, and that svaha's nametag was incredibly awkwardly placed.
  • icicle: cool hair and an unfortunate disease. i wish i had interacted with her more.
  • WonkoDSane: one of our troupe of intrepid troll-seekers. i think he actually out-drank prole. i take comfort in the fact that he's older than me, so i have some time to get that cool.
  • pyrogenic: another of our merry band. a bit like the guy in prison who has all the really cool shit. i feel like i've known him for ages; if he were local, i'm pretty sure we'd be buds.
  • flamingweasel: the king of us. this man needs to become a teacher; he has the mannerisms, the voice, and by all evidence the ability. the fact that he looks a lot like Edward Norton makes everything i just said about him feel really damn weird.
  • Pseudo_Intellectual: i've never read any description of him, but somehow he looked exactly like i pictured him. struck me as terribly, awfully observant. and really very friendly.
  • prole: can only be described as effervescent: shiny and sparkly and potentially very painful. that was supposed to be clever and funny, please don't kill me. every time i glanced at her, for a split second i thought she was someone i knew (not anyone in particular, just someone i knew). this fucked with me the entire weekend. the leader of our troll-hunting expedition, which also puts her on the cool-people-to-get-lost-with list.
  • DerekL: the fact that he managed to show up at all was cool. many an interesting conversation over many a cigarette.
I pray that I didn't forget anyone; if I did, you would be absolutely within your rights to kick me in the shins. All in all, an eclectic and excellent group of weirdos.