A play by Morris Panych, originally written and produced in 2001. The first production took place at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre.

Although designated as a "play", the story is actually an extended monologue of a single character, Doyle, who lives in run-down apartment. Through his ramblings, it becomes clear that he believes he has hyper-acute hearing, although one of the themes of the play is the question of whether this is the actual case, or whether it's just a symptom of dementia. Doyle "interacts" with the people in the apartments around him solely by listening to the sounds they make. The crux of the drama becomes evident when the audience realizes that he has fallen in love with a woman in a neighbouring apartment. Unrequited love is never pleasant in the best of cases, but especially so for a pathetic character like Doyle.

The story reaches a somewhat surprising ending, and like much of Panych's (and other theatre of the absurd) plays, is laced with pathos and a touch of poignancy.