Suspected serial killer, who has so far been named in connection with five deaths. The bodies of two women were recently found on a Kansas farm owned by Robinson, and three more bodies were found in a Missouri storage locker. All were stuffed into barrels, and all were killed by a blow to the head.

Robinson is a sadomasochist, and police claim the suspect, who went by the name "slavemaster," lured at least some of the female victims to him through Internet chat rooms. The media is already billing Robinson "the first Internet serial killer." Several of the bodies found are connected with disappearances which took place in the 80s, leading officials to worry that Robinson's total body count may be far higher than they had first suspected.

Authorities are currently draining a pond on property owned by Robinson and are initiating an inch-by-inch search of the site. Among items seized at Robinson's residence were computer equipment and dozens of photographs of women. Neighbors described him as a "lonely old man" who propositioned many women depite being a married man. He was arrested on Friday.