In this phase of alarm response, bracing, spasticity, compression and solidity begin. The organism freezes up, cannot move, gets caught in an upward extension. Helplessness arises and it says,
"I won't be a threat, I won't move, I won't give up or lose my ground"
Rather than arousal, there is suspended animation. This is the begining of increased fragmentation with panic and crying responses.

The chest locks in inspiration while the diaphragm locks in expiration, the intestines become spastic and immoblile as the organism pulls totally out of the pelvis and off the ground, the cranial cavity and the spinal cord tube constrict, cranial pulsation becomes restricted and the head pulls back greatly, the throat and nasal tubes constrict, and the hands freeze in a gesture of submission (locking and bracing without any action -- a signal of no contact.)