Created by Alderac Entertainment, Brave New World is a superhero game set in an alternative Earth, one in which superheroic ("delta") powers appeared during World War I, exhibited by Peter Payne, an African-American soldier soon to become the Silver Ghost. Deltas began to appear throughout the rest of the world, too, affecting politics and history. During World War II, a delta named Sparky was killed in a Nazi concentration camp uprising. The soldiers threw his body into the fire, but Sparky was transformed-he turned into an even more powerful being who quickly and single-handedly put an end to World War II by tearing apart the concentration camp, the Nazi's most powerful delta, and Hitler himself. This new delta became known as Superior, and his "type" as an "alpha."

Superior dominated the world scene, even though other, less-powerful alphas began to arise. He kept America in power through the Cold War. Then, on November 22, 1963, a group of deltas-Devastator's Dreadnauts-attacked President Kennedy, the First Lady, and the governor of Texas in a motorcade. Superior flew to their rescue, arriving in time to save President Kennedy, but not in time to save the First Lady and the governor of Texas. He flew Kennedy to a hospital, where the president was in a coma for three days before awakening. When Kennedy awoke, he pushed the Delta Registration Act through Congress, requiring all deltas to register with the government or be imprisoned. Kennedy also established a new police force, Delta Prime, made of patriotic deltas who would enforce the DRA.

Now, at the end of the century, Kennedy is still in office, president for life. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights have been trampled into the ground by the oppressive legislation of deltas. The devastation caused by deltas-the loss of Chicago, the strange disappearance of all alphas, the torn girders and broken sidewalks that mark cities where deltas have fought-has led most of the U.S. population to support the Delta Registration Act. But your character isn't registered. Your character is on the run. If you're lucky, you might join up with the Defiance, a loose-knit group of renegade deltas that hope to return freedom to America. If you're unlucky, Delta Prime will hunt you down and either kill or imprison you.

Background provided by Dru Pagliassott and Johnn Four